Membership & Donations

Covid has its upsides. This year our annual winter cranberry school is a collaborative effort between BC, WA, and OR. This is shaping up to be a really good meeting with speakers from the US and Canada. Membership with the OCGA is required to attend the meeting.

Membership dues need to be received by February 16th.

2 Oregon pesticide credits (pending ODA approval),

It's all online via Zoom, so take some time to get your computer set up before the meeting. You can test the link and your ability to connect anytime before the meeting. We'll be available from 8:30am on to help troubleshoot. The invite has one Zoom link; you'll use that both days, so save your email!

Printable Application and Information form (pdf)

If you're really nervous about it and want to test in advance with assistance, email Cassie and she'll help you.

Title Price Action
Grower Membership $175.00
Associate Non-Grower $50.00
Additional donations $0.00