4-4-16 Pest Update ... and Pesticide Credits

I’ve got some good news:  Those who attend the April 12th Twilight Meeting (next Tuesday) will receive 2 Oregon Pesticide Recertification Credits. 

When:        4pm.  April 12th.  We should be done by 6 at the latest.

Where:       Delmar Robison’s Shop.
                 54048 Rosa Road, Bandon

Topics:       Scale insect update – review on what to look for, monitoring update and treatment recommendations
                  Fireworm – monitoring/scouting; treatment discussion
                 Grower discussion: bring questions, ideas, concerns, things you’ve seen this year, etc. 

Bring a chair or a stool to sit on if you think you’ll need one.  We’ll have about an hour of presentation/discussion time at the beginning and then we’ll go check out some scale sites afterward. 

Pest Update

4-4-16.  Greedy Scale.  I have greedy scale monitoring traps out in three locations (one near Bandon, one between Bandon and Langlois, and one south of Langlois).  If you remember, greedy scale is the armored scale that is a bit trickier to control … you have to target treatment for when the eggs hatch and the crawlers emerge.  As of yesterday, there are no crawlers yet.  Egg are still developing within the females.   

At the meeting Tuesday I’ll show you the monitoring traps I’m using … you could certainly use them on your farm as well if you have greedy scale spots.

I’ve posted photos of both greedy scale and brown soft scale on the website (click here).  These pest updates and other relevant information are available there as well.  You don’t have to be a member to view and use the bulk of the information on the site.